For more than 15 years now, I have been exploring the different possibilities of encaustic. The movements of nature inspire me, and my approach today revolves around the landscape in transformation: the remodeled landscape, transformed by the passage of man and by nature itself. I currently share my creative time between pictorial and sculptural works, which seem to be polarized according to certain themes. On the one hand, there are my urban landscapes, where the cities seem to be liquefied, uninhabited and coming from a  post-apocalyptic universe. On the other hand, almost paradisiacal landscapes bring us into a world almost too beautiful. These landscapes on the verge of reality remind us that nothing is permanent.



Encaustic is a very ancient technic that was used by the Egyptians in 400 BC. Andrée-Anne Laberge makes her own paint using beeswax, tree resin and pigments. Encaustic is the medium that is best preserved over the years, being completely waterproof, resistant to bacteria mold and insects.  Fayum's portraits made with this technique went through more than 2000 years without cracking or losing their luster!


Encaustic paintings should not be subjected to extreme heat but still tolerate heat very well. They are more sensitive to cold. It is therefore necessary to be vigilant when transporting the works to protect them against frost which could make them crack.


After a while, some oxidation of the board surface may occur. We just advise you to polish the surface of the painting with a soft cloth which will restore all the original brightness of your painting!

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