The artist Andrée-Anne Laberge grew up in Quebec. In 2004, she graduated with

distinction from Concordia University in Visual Arts. During her training, she

discovers encaustic which remains until this day her medium of predilection. As

an artist, she participates in numerous events, exhibitions, symposiums, live

creation events and exhibits in several galleries.

She obtained a Calq grant in 2015 for the realization of her project "From

memory to landscape". Thanks to this same project she won the "jury's favorite"

at Galart 2016. Andrée-Anne Laberge also holds a bachelor's degree in arts

education. She devotes time to sharing her passion with young people by

creating projects as a guest artist and giving lectures for various educational

institutions and artistic events.

She obtained a second grant from the Calq in 2017 for the "Our territories"

project, which she is working with writer Véronique Pepin.

Encaustic is the medium she chooses to share her vision of the world. Prepared

with beeswax, dammar resin and pure pigments, this age-old technique is difficult

to control, but allows it to work in transparency, texture and even carve the